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We Love Spiders!

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Community for those who love spider and their kin.
It's a sad fact that many people are frightened of or repulsed by spiders.

This community is not for them.

Here you may post your spider photographs, arachnid arts & crafts, eight-legged literature, and other webbed works....or you may simply lurk in a dark corner until something catches your many eyes.

A spider must be the main subject matter of any post. Please post only your own material.
You may, however, post links to the material of others and you may post interesting news articles or scientific writings about spiders -- just be sure to include a link to the source.

If you have multiple images to post, please ponly only ONE image (no larger than 700px on the longest side) outside an LJ cut. Other images should go behind the cut.


Need help identifying a spider? Post a photo and description!


Be respectful of other community members and use good netiquette.
Trolls will be sucked dry, their lifeless husks discarded to blow away in the wind.


If you'd like to promote a related community, please clear it with the mod (scowling_hermit) beforehand.

Current community affiliates include:

spiderallure, a community dedicated to the more creepy, gothic and seductive aesthetic, such as jewelry, weapons, and other items with spiders on them.


New members, feel free to introduce yourselves.
arachnids, argiopes, arthropods, barn spiders, black widows, brown recluse, brown spiders, cellar spiders, chelicerae, cobweb weavers, cobwebs, crab spiders, cribellate spiders, dwarf spiders, egg sacs, exoskeletons, fishing spiders, funnel web weavers, garden spiders, grass spiders, house spiders, jumping spiders, lynx spiders, mandibles, micrathena spiders, mygalomorph spiders, nursery web spiders, orb weavers, pedipalps, pirate spiders, purseweb spiders, sac spiders, sheet-web weavers, spider silk, spider webs, spiders, spiders and their kin, spiders in the house, spidersilk, spiderwebs, spinnerets, spitting spiders, tarantulas, trapdoor spiders, true spiders, wolf spiders